I heard about Bubblegum casting agency from my friend who had the opportunity to meet their polite staff. A year ago she had photo shoot for this company and she told me that they are looking for girls between 18 and 22 years old. Being 19, I was wondering if I could have a similar experience. She told me so many nice things and since the company is in such a great location I decided to go there and apply personally.
I had never been a model before. When I reached their offices their professional staff was waiting for me, just as my friend told me. I liked the space very much. They set me down as I needed to hear all the explanations about what I am going to do in next hour or two. They told me all the details of the shoots done by using their high quality equiptment. They also explained to me  that I needed to react natural and self-confident all the time while shooting. Then one very friendly photographer came into the room. He set the camera on the position for photo shoots. He arranged the background for me too.
All of these people made me feel comfortable. In just a few moments I felt like having very relaxed working environment. I enjoyed working with all of them. Although I haven’t spent so much time in the Bubblegum casting I was sure that what I have done was the right thing for me. My casting lasts only one hour. And beside that I need to mention that I was paid before work started and this is why I had additional motivation for smiling. I would like to recommend all the girls to go there and take their chance. The feeling is really great. I left the company happily and if I could make a choice one more time, I would do the same definitely.

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